Lead successful strategic change and planning initiatives with The Grove's organization-change services. Align around vision and goals, make sense of complexity, and spark momentum for implementation.

Our change consulting and design services—including Grove Storymaps™ and our Strategic Visioning™ tools and methods—can help your organization navigate change. We facilitate vision and strategy design, annual planning and priority-setting, and rollouts of strategic initiatives.

Designing Change: Visioning and Strategic Planning

The Grove’s Strategic Visioning™ visual-planning system brings the power of visual thinking to strategy development and leading change. Our high-engagement process yields clear plans that directly support action. Panoramic representations of your organization’s current situation, vision, and action plans aid ongoing organization-wide inspiration and implementation of strategic direction.

Our visual planning system is the solution you need if you:

  • Know you need a new plan but aren’t sure how to create it
  • Want to involve key stakeholders in a process that values their voices and ensures their buy-in
  • Realize that your organization, department, or team is standing at a crossroads and needs to decide which way to go

Gathered around large visual displays of their work, your teams will see where they are in alignment and where they still need to reach agreement. Individuals will see their own voices in the group’s collective effort. At the conclusion of the session, every person will leave with a shared vision of what the organization aims to achieve, how its key strategies will unfold, and a clear understanding of the next steps they themselves must take in order to realize the vision.

Download the Strategic Visioning brochure.

Watch a graphic recording movie showing how to use the Context Map Graphic Guide.

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Leading Organizations Through Change

Work productively within the uncertainties that come with change. Our consultants are seasoned facilitators of large organization-change processes. We can help you by:

  • Guiding the complete cycle of change
  • Cultivating an open and safe environment that invites innovation
  • Facilitating cross-function collaborations
  • Renewing your organization’s work culture
  • Supporting your leaders who are undertaking key initiatives

Read a case study about our organization change work with the University of California - Merced.

Strategic Rollouts: Media Design for Follow-Through

The Grove helps clients create large map images, digital graphic movies, and other media that support key conversations and ownership.

Grove Storymaps

Alignment across a whole system is possible with an integrated picture of the organization’s plans and a compelling story of how to achieve them. We create large maps and other media that focus big meetings, bring forward your organization’s story, clarify complexities, and set the high-level direction for change processes. Contact us to begin telling your organization’s story in a Storymap.

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Digital Graphic Movies

Pairing your message with rapid hand drawings in video format is a popular and effective way to communicate and attract attention to new visions, plans, and concepts. The Grove can produce these pieces using traditional whiteboard or paper media, or in a clean, fresh style using all-digital media. Whichever method you choose, your organizational communications will stand out when delivered in this memorable and appealing form.

See an example of a Graphic Recording Movie.

Just thought you would like to know that all your hard work with us this past 15 years in helping us shape our vision has just resulted this year in our being named by Architect Magazine (the publication of the American Institute of Architects) as the #1 design firm in the nation. We are of course ecstatic. As the Design Forum leader this of course takes on maybe even a little more personal meaning for me, however everyone here is extremely proud and I just wanted to say that we couldn't have done it without all your help and vision over the years.

Steven McKay

DLR Group

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Visual Leaders Book

Visual Leaders explores the use of visual meeting and team methodologies for visioning and strategy formation, planning, implementation, and organization change.