Workshop: Virtual Team Facilitation with TeamCatapult and Rachel Smith


Virtual Team Facilitation helps participants take their learnings from TeamCatapult's Agile Team Facilitation course and learn key principles and techniques to translate those skills into a virtual environment with a distributed team.

NOTE: This program is designed for participants who have taken TeamCatapult's Agile Team Facilitation course or who are experienced in facilitating agile teams.

Learning Objectives

  • Apply key principles for planning and designing virtual sessions.
  • Build rapport, trust and authentic connections among participants.
  • Targeted improvement: use team assessment results to plan and lead interventions targeted where the team needs it most.
  • Drive participation and engagement using various facilitation techniques.
  • Adapt face-to-face facilitation techniques to a virtual environment.
  • Learn techniques to support virtual collaboration, moving beyond brainstorming activities to help people work meaningfully with the ideas they generate.
  • Help the group reconcile differences of opinion.
  • Experiment with different kinds of collaborative tools and learn what to look for when evaluating a new tool.

This workshop is for you if:

• You lead or facilitate distributed teams, especially ones using agile methodologies.

• You find yourself hosting a lot of remote meetings and want to make them more engaging and effective.

• You are a training manager who is exploring teaming solutions for your organization.

• You are an agile facilitator who wants to add remote facilitation to your repertoire.

• You are curious about how virtual meetings can be as engaging as face-to-face meetings.

Dates Location
Oct 11-12, 2018 Online


Early bird = $980 before Feb 1

Register at TeamCatapult's website.

So much of our work today takes place virtually. We want to help facilitators transform virtual meetings to a place where people are engaged and productive. We have long been users of the Drexler/Sibbet Team Performance model by the Grove and are excited to partner with them on this new course.

Marsha Acker, CEO

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